2am - Emma Sameth

2AM – Emma Sameth

Written by: Drew Phomvongsa

Emma Sameth’s 2AM, produced by DNTST & Berg, is undeniably captivating by combining Kiiara, and a much darker and broodier Alessia Cara. The electro R&B pop song places us in a starry dream-like sequence filled with distant echoes and a slow build that pulls us into an extensive headspace of curiosity. As we get further, the tight trap beats lead us on a path, but the floating vocals allow us to explore tangents that reveal infinite possibilities of our journey. If you let your mind go while listening, you’ll be able to feel every emotion and all the ways to get there.

Although we might find the story to lie in the lyrics of exhaustion or the instrumental that exposes our desire to know, the more provoking narrative might be the love story between our head and our heart. Art was created by the nature of possibilities and this song contains that very essence.

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