Armors Performance + Interview

Armors sat down with us at the Dash Radio studio to perform and talk about their most recent song release, ‘Overdose’. This pop-infused band is made up of members Olen, Sam and Kody and originally hail from Southern California. We were lucky enough to get to hear both of their new singles ‘Genesis’ (released in September) and ‘Overdose’ (released earlier this month). ‘Genesis’ has been described as “alt-pop with a neo-R&B jolt of electro production”, while ‘Overdose’ has more of a pop foundation infused with darker overtones. Both songs have relatable lyrics that are sung flawlessly by frontman, Olen.


Catch Armors along with Groves and Billie Eilish at the Constellation Room in Orange County on December 3rd. We will be DJing and KROQ Locals Only will be co-presenting the evening! Doors open at 7:00pm.