Emmit Fenn: 1995

Dreamy Emmit Fenn takes us to the 90s with 1995

Dalí could paint ‘1995’ – there’d be a piano on the beach in the middle of the night, a giant bottle filling itself up with bright blue liquid, a young man struggling to make his way out onto the sand, to reach the face of his long lost lover, and once out, he’d be unable to speak.

Emmit, 21, probably born in 1995, is, happily, able to speak and sing, and lulls the listener into a late-night state of longing and lusting. His voice hushes you with its haunting yearning in the verses, before waking you, going electronically high-pitched in the chorus.

The song fills the 4th square of 7 on a kaleidoscope on his website, made with creative web tech. company, Active Theory, in partnership with his label Th3rd Brain. Each contains its own interactive visuals which may transport you into Emmit’s dream world, if focused on long enough (although I’m not in a rush to drown in a bottle). I invite you to lay back and ponder over this puzzle piece, before pining for the next!

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Conor Fitzpatrick
Electropop artist from Northern Ireland, based in Berlin.
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