OFELIA K: Killing Me

Released today was Ofelia K’s newest single with South by Sea, “Killing Me.” The song follows in the footsteps of her previous tracks and hints highly at the questions of love. Her airy voice initially hides the dreary theme, which truly comes to light during the chorus: “Is it all in my head? Am I wrong? Are you killing me, killing me?” … A theme to which we can all easily relate.

Musically speaking, the song starts off at a slow tempo and gradually builds to climax during the third chorus. There is a barely noticeable acoustic and bass line that act as launching points for the ethereal-like synth and deliberately pop drum beat that highlight Ofelia’s voice. The feathery sound and bouncy beat make “Killing Me” absolutely catchy. I can easily see this track up on the charts with the best of the pop world.

Check out “Killing Me” on Soundcloud and catch Ofelia K on August 15th as the headliner for School Night, free with RSVP!

PS: This track has been killing it on Hype Machine!