Alec Benjamin Performance + Interview

Alec Benjamin is a singer/songwriter from Phoenix, AZ, who cut out sometime to discuss with us his latest single and what is in store for him over the coming months. Throughout his life, Alec has been heavily influenced by Eminem and Paul Simon. These influences can be seen in his music with his free flowing lyrics and catchy melodies. Alec is reminiscent of the “boy next door” that you grew up with, but never had the courage to say how you felt. Well, if you are brave enough to listen, he will let you know in his singles, ‘The Water Fountain’ and ‘End of Summer’. Alec has also found success writing with artists like Jon Bellion, whom he is currently on tour with. Alec Benjamin is one to keep an eye on in the near future.


Brittany Zins
Content Specialist

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