Goldroom – Spread Love

Goldroom gets his love spread out

My compatriot, Rooty (Irish based in LA), features on new song, Spread Love, by Goldroom. Get this – she has also written… wait for it… Too Little Too Late by Jojo (which was almost as big as Leave Get out)! Remember that one?

This spring/summery breeze of a track, however, does quite the opposite of making you want to leave the room. Rather, it suggests you stay in there, throw some gold glitter around and perhaps give a stranger a bearhug.

Goldroom, real name Josh, flies straight from Boston to Bordeaux with this one, channeling early French House vibes. I imagine those won’t be the only towns painted gold as we slowly in-line skate into summer with this on repeat. Out next week. All things Goldroom – here!

Conor Fitzpatrick
Electropop artist from Northern Ireland, based in Berlin.
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