Frankie – New Obsession (RKCB Remix)

Once upon a time I didn’t care too much for remixes, but the ones that are like RKCB’s remix of Frankie’s “New Obsession” are what changed that for me. About a year ago I saw Frankie live at LA’s Bootleg Theatre and completely fell in love with the undeniable pop artist. “New Obsession” was just one of those songs that you couldn’t help but dance really hard to. This remix turns the song around a bit more.

With RKCB’s remix, you hit something different. You enter RKCB’s world of good, chill vibes. Off the bat, the vocals are pitched down and lays on top of some bells playing a light melody, and then when the pre-chorus hits over some re-harmonized chords, you eventually get thrown into this electronic chorus drop that lets you decide what you want this song to be. That, to me, is the beauty of this remix.

Drew Phomvongsa
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