A look into Lorelei Marcell’s “Your Biggest Fan”

For one so young as Lorelei Marcell, praise must come easy due to the fact that -as a general rule- society doesn’t expect young people to perform and create at the level of well-seasoned veterans. I imagine this perhaps a bit frustrating when it comes to evaluating your own work through someone else’s lens, because how do you contextualize praise such as “You’re really good for your age!” is that a backhanded compliment? does that mean she can’t quite yet “compete” with older artists? Fortunately, I can state on pretty simple terms that yes, Lorelei Marcell is very good at what she does, full stop. 

The 18-year-old singer & songwriter out of Boston knows she still has a long way to go in her career, there’s much to be experienced, much to be learned. Her newest track “Your Biggest Fan” is both a chronicle and a reflection upon that knowledge, singing and loving goodbye to her hometown. In the Music video, Lorelei narrates a bittersweet transitional period between her previous life as a high-schooler in Boston and now, as a full-fledged artist pursuing her career in Los Angeles, all the while meeting a special someone in this fateful interim. 

The vocal qualities of Lorelei are the primary asset that attacks your ears from the very first note. There’s a lot of body to her singing, her voice is robust and mature, but a youthful vibrancy can still be felt all the way to the final phrase. All of this is tempered by tenderness in both tone and delivery of her beautifully and thoughtfully penned lyrics.

The music video, directed by Dri Sommer & Nicol Biesek came out on the 4th of August, and by the time read this, it will have surely passed the 50k views mark. That should clue you in as to the growing numbers of biggest fans Lorelei is amassing every day, and I think that you’ll be joining their ranks soon. Not that Lorelei is any stranger to creating huge waves, her 2019 debut  “Losing Myself,” blasted off with over 130k Spotify streams and over 109K YouTube views, steadily and organic building a base of hardcore followers that vibe in mutual understanding with this “Old Soul” of a singer.

Grant Owens

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