Abi Ocia’s spectacular return to the airwaves – “LTWYLM”

With a highly emotional return. Abi Ocia releases her first new track and music video since her critically acclaimed 2019 EP “Where Are You?”. With “LTWYLM” (Love The Way You Love men) Abi celebrates not just her return to the airwaves, but also a partnership with budding Record Label VERO Music.

For Abi, VERO Music is the tailor-made ally she needs, as her focus on methodical and timed music delivery takes precedence over pushing a constant stream of songs for the sake of audience awareness. Abi takes her time and she’s proud of it, and with VERO at her side, she can have all the support she needs in working towards the kind of content and output she needs, and today, we can delight upon the fruits of this nurturing relationship with “LTWYLM”.

If this new song has a bit of a bittersweet flavor to it, that’s entirely by design “The song is a playful confusion between the fantasy of falling in love, and the mournful realities those feelings can come with.” says Abi Ocia on the song ” How long can you love something that you know may not be for you?’ she elaborates. But that’s on the bitter end of things, what about the sweetness? Well if the dripping honey voice of Abi wasn’t enough, the subtle wistful swelling of the music certainly adds that positive and enchanting notes to the song, to the point where I feel like the sweet takes over, and it’s the “mournful realities” that are used for spice in here. 

The official video accompanying this release was directed by  Helena Coan, who many may remember from the acclaimed film “Audrey: More Than An Icon”. In the music video, we can appreciate Ocia losing herself to dance while images representative of a fleeting romance.

Grant Owens

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