ADAM.D – Hang Me From Your Ceiling/ Heatwave

ADAM.D serving a tasty double side single. A side, ‘Hang Me From Your Ceiling’ is a full of wet catchy guitar licks, some of the nicest sounding lo-fi electronic drums I’ve heard in a while, driving bass and effortlessly enjoyable male vocals. Be sure to expect great lyricism like “Put me on a shelf, Honey, Hang me from your ceiling”. So many good elements to listen out for in this song and I cannot wait too see what the future brings too Leeds based ADAM.D originally from Loughton, UK.

The B side “Heatwave” is forecast for Fire. With a 1 minute 55 second long intro, the vocals will nicely surprise you and bring you light. Be sure to follow Adam.D as he encompasses along his journey, I’m sure he’s one too look out for. He deserves every success.

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Jonny Stemp