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Alexis de la Rocha shines in “Running Back”

Los Angeles creative powerhouse Alexis de la Rocha has shared her single and music video “Running Back”. The song touches on themes including empowerment, nostalgia and trying to break free from a toxic relationship. Alexis de la Rocha is a well known artist, musician, songwriter and proud Latine. Her ability to craft relatable songs that make the listener feel deep emotions while simultaneously want to dance makes her a true talent.

“Running Back” brings back all the 90’s feels with downtempo beats, girl group style vocals and lyrical references including “Walkman”. Sky high synths and kaleidoscopic sound waves are also highlights in this fun-loving new single.

Her latest single follows her dreamy synth pop banger “Haze” shared earlier this year. We can’t wait to hear what is next from this remarkable artist.