Ali Coyle’s Debut EP Songs For My Therapist

Santa Ana based producer, singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist Ali Coyle takes listeners on a unique exploration of sound with her new EP Songs For My Therapist.  The collection of tracks strike a perfect balance between dazzling indie pop and warm folktronic with hints of even Americana thrown in.  Ali is known for her “heart on the sleeve” songwriting and Songs For My Therapist is no exception, taking a deep dive into someone who has experienced turmoil, loss, hope and solace. 

In “Trust Me”, Ali creates a swooning love song promising her interest “this is going to be good, this is going to be so good”. With Jazz-infused instrumentation, folktronic landscapes and lush string arrangements, “Trust Me” is a whirling kaleidoscope of sound.  “Jacaranda” highlights the songwriters’ yearning vocals filled with emotion and nostalgia.  The groovy indie rock number “On My Way Again” is a relatable narrative of trying to get through a difficult day complete with vices and unanswered questions. 

Ali Coyle’s Songs For My Therapist is an exciting and emotional listen. 

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