Shot by Braden Lawrence

‘All Things Blue’ Invites You to Demolish Fears With ‘Generic Cod’

Photography by Braden Lawrence

The name comes from her mother who called her like that, during a telephone conversation, at a moment when everything seemed to fall apart for India Coombs A.K.A ‘All Things Blue’. But it also has a lot to do with the nostalgia and sadness that many of her lyrics encapsulate.

The new release for the Allentown – Pennsylvania girl is ‘Generic Cod’. The song is a fun punk that talks about chasing success and being able to show the world what you have to offer, with no aspirations other than the satisfaction of doing it and the idea of being able to generate some reciprocal emotion in someone.

You don’t know
That you could shine if you only tried
But you’re too scared to fall
So you won’t climb the ladder high enough to find it
If you’re so strong
Make a move you could lose control
Oh you will never know
Give it a go

All Things Blue is a band clearly unafraid to explore musical boundaries. A cocktail of sounds stretches across ‘Generic Cod’ that’s always coherent. The band’s dreamy punk aesthetic is both captivating and unique, and in this case, with ‘Generic Cod’, it’s a shot of encouragement that invites you to try whatever you want, just because you deserve to know what could possibly happen.

All Things Blue celebrates life’s experiences and wraps them in the soft tones of the 60s analog. India has said she does not see her music as something that sets her apart as much as something that she hopes will help to connect people.

India’s faithful sidekick, co-writer, and co-producer is Jon Joseph. Together, they make an interesting composition, with depth in their lyrics and a wide range of sounds, dirty riffs choruses that hook on your brain for days, and stories of lives lived to the fullest remind us all of good times.


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