Allie X - That's So Us

Allie X: That’s So Us

There’s not a single song from the songstress, Allie X, that I don’t like. And of course with the release of her new single “That’s So Us”, I’ve already accepted that I will have this on repeat for quite a while.

Electro-pop is shining in all its glory through this track. The huge pop chorus that exclaims, “What I like about you, baby / Is how you annoy me daily / but you still fucking amaze me / That’s so us / That’s so us” showcases that a connection between two people doesn’t have to always be complex; even the simplest things can make us feel extraordinary. Topping this song off is the conviction and to-the-tee delivery of Allie’s vocals. And just a little note: she delivers more than you can handle at a live show… She will blow you away.

I’m more than ready for COLLXTION II. I hope you are too.

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