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Alt Bloom at Madame Siam on 01/22

We Found New Music Presents: Alt Bloom at Madame Siam on 01/22

With its endlessly unpredictable fusion of alt-R&B and classic singer/songwriter pop, Alt Bloom offers the sonic equivalent of that purposeful escape: warmly textured and wonderfully unhurried, its songs unfold with a subtle hypnotic power, and ultimately invite the dreamy introspection that leads to much-needed self-discovery.

Alt Bloom may seem fresh on the scene, but is no stranger to artistry and songwriting. First making a splash on American Idol back in 2004 as Ethan Thompson, he has rebranded his name and his sonic identity and has now launched Alt Bloom.

“I’ve always loved hip-hop and loved free styling, and with Alt Bloom I finally felt comfortable enough with myself to really show that in my music,”

Thompson points out. In developing his new artist name “Alt Bloom” he adds,
“it was a statement to myself that this was the path I was always meant to be on and I was finally stepping into it. Alt Bloom first came from me slamming words together that I liked over the course of a few days. After sitting with a few names from that process a while longer, Alt Bloom grew on me.”
I think he’s visibly (and audibly) stepped into something special with this new Moniker, as it has apparently come with a whole new attitude and fresh version of his artistry. He only has 5 singles out on streaming platforms, but in those few songs, he packs a lot of soul and storytelling into his lyrics and melody. You can’t help but bop your head to his music, I have found myself dancing in the kitchen to his new collection of songs all released in 2019 with the exception of his new single “West Coast”.

“West Coast” gives you a serene sense of nostaglia with a modern twist in its crisp production, and provides visions of a california summer, perfect for our year-round summer. Alt Bloom’s music consists of a synergy of captivating hip hop rhythms and samples, coupled with bouncy guitar beats and classic, soothing vocals singing eccentric and soulful melodies, wrapped in top notch production and ear candy (co-producing the collection with Brian Phillips).

Check out the music video for “West Coast” premiered by Billboard:

Alt Bloom lists Tom Petty, Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak as a few of his influences, and it shows. This collection of songs really showcases his intricate and innate songwriting ability with his folk-pop background, mending with his new sonic surroundings of r&b/hip-hop leaning tracks. It’s so exciting and refreshing to discover an artist true musicianship and out to pave his own unique take on a blend of genres. It feels like new age R&B and the bouncy beats and instrumentals support the eloquent lyricism and rap-singing.

You don’t want to miss Alt Bloom performing our showcase this coming Wednesday, January 22nd at Madame Siam, grab your tickets HERE, free with RSVP!! See you there.

Chandler Juliet