andreas owens – don’t feel happy ◡̈

Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter andreas owens releases his debut single “don’t feel happy ◡̈”, an experimental R&B-infused alternative pop track about the experience of having a shitty partner.

“don’t feel happy ◡̈” is a two minute and seven second escape from normality into a darker world of both pessimism and misunderstanding. The song is lyrically oxymoronic and sonically experimental, hovering between both the happy and sad spectrums of a romantic relationship.

As his first song of the year, “don’t feel happy ◡̈” only showcases a narrow spectrum of his versatile musical abilities. With more singles underway in 2021, andreas owens will be showcasing an unorthodox approach to his unique and versatile songwriting and production.

Here’s what Andreas had to say about the track: 

“I think ‘don’t feel happy’ was the byproduct of intentional disregard for genre or ‘established’ sound. I was experiencing a lot of writer’s block and figured I’d try to write something different than my usual indie / alternative nonsense. It’s kinda trappy, kinda R&B, kinda jazzy. Enjoy. ◡̈”

-andreas owens

andreas owens is the solo project of Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Andres Owens. Delicately blending intimate vocals with unabashedly ‘pop’ backbeats, the So-Cal native has been slowly but steadily building a catalogue of truly unique material. Embracing the ever-evolving notion of bedroom pop, everything is written, recorded, and produced in his (tiny) bedroom-turned-studio.

This is easily my favorite release from this artist/producer – genuinely looking forward to more from this one and his other project The Millennial Club!

Chandler Juliet