Animals On TV release indie rock tune “MTV 2095”

Austin based Animals On TV have just shared a three song EP full of synths, catchy melodic hooks, deep bass and thrilling guitar riffs. The highlight on the EP is the futuristic sounding “MTV 2095” which the band has shared with a fun music video.

“MTV 2095” is a synth pop meets indie rock affair all about humanity in the future looking back at present times. With our societies current obsession with reality TV and social media stars, “MTV 2095” is a witty contemplation on the hypocrisies of the current times. Animals On TV ability to craft humorous yet important narratives in a sonically interesting package is a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene.

Animals On TV is a fairly new band first releasing music in 2020. The musical collective performs engaging and thrilling indie rock with rowdy and fun live shows. Check out “MTV 2095” and make sure to add it to your playlist.

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