APOLLONIA reclaims her self-worth in the soulful “50/50”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to a family of legacy actors, APOLLONIA started singing lessons at the age of 11 and by 14 was training with iconic vocal coach, Nick Cooper (Beyoncé, Kesha, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj) he would be instrumental in changing her life forever with his technique and confidence building.

By age 18 she started Heels Class, a form of contemporary dance, and fell in love with feeling confident and sexy. Training at the world class Millennium Dance Complex with Brinn Nicole, Marissa Heart, and Aliya Janell, she fell into a mentorship program with the queen of heels, Aisha Francis, who Beyoncé credits for teaching her everything she knows in dance. APOLLONIA seconds that  “I owe it to her when it comes to how I perform in heels”.

With singing and dance being part of her daily life, she added an instrument, the Guitar. Starting out learning acoustic and moving over to electric, mastering both styles which play a heavy influence in her music today. 

As a teenager into young adulthood she went through the roughest years of her life. “I went to college and I hated it. I went through two really toxic relationships. I dated a drug addict and broke up with him when I found out he was cheating on me. In the same month, I met the love of my life and it was a relationship that took me for a rollercoaster ride. We were together for about 5 years and had our son, Santino in 2020”

From those experiences in her life, she was able to create so much more music from the pain she had endured, which also felt very therapeutic. “Going through times, when you just don’t see a way out, isolates you, you become a shadow of your former self. Music and dance were my path back, which I am so grateful for”.

All I ever wanted

Was to be all that you wanted

Cause you were that for me

Cause all I ever wanted

Is a love that goes 50 50

Her debut single 50/50, is based off of her past relationships. “It took me a long time to understand my self-worth, and that I do not deserve less than 50%. Whether it’s friendships, relationships, or family, that I deserve more. This song is for the ones who went through abusive, toxic, and self-serving relationships. And to remind humans out there that you are NOT alone. This song is my healing process and I hope it will be for you too”.

The sexy R&B undertones with lyrical verses that will resonate with audiences who have ever felt taken advantage of. The slick guitar riffs and melodic beats, please the ear, making her music appeal to a wide audience.

The official music video was released day and date. APOLLONIA produced alongside her creative director/choreographer, Melissa Barlow (Baddie Language) “It was a challenging concept for director Tyler Diamond to achieve, with a grueling shoot schedule, but he nailed It and I’m so proud of what we made”. Featuring a through line of memories of her ex and 6 dancers accompanying APOLLONIA in an epic Heels performance, the video gives us a glimpse into what’s to come from this multi hyphenate artist.

APOLLONIA has plans to put her stamp on the world and spread her message of positivity. Her unique can-do attitude only enhances her dynamic live show, which is an experience audiences won’t forget. Taking influence from idols such as Ariana Grande, Prince and Adele she plans to take her show on the road across the country and beyond.

“Music is my safe place, comfort, healing place.. but the one place where I feel the most understood and CONFIDENT”.

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