Armors ‘Overdose’

Armors brand new single, ‘Overdose’, was just released days ago. This pop-infused wonder contains some darker overtones and honest lyrics sung by talented vocalist, Olen Kittelsen. Right off the bat the lyrics hook you in with gruesome imagery of what you would expect from someone with bad habits that have gone too far.

“Know that I’m not right/living like an animal
Starving every bit of life/from my flesh and bones”

The synths and beat give the song a more upbeat pop feel, given the seriousness of the lyrics. ‘Overdose’ is extremely apt for the day considering the struggles not only on an individual level, but a national or even global level, as well. From shootings and protests, to the controversial and most recent presidency, most people seem like lost souls just existing. Everyone is trying to find something to believe in or at the very least some semblance of escapism all while knowing the ultimate cost of indulging in temporary fixes – the overdose.

The song leaves you with these words:

“We’re just lost souls anyway, overdose
We’re just lost souls anyway, overdose”

‘Overdose’ is a catchy song with deeper meanings. It is a strong contender to their previous release a few months ago, ‘Genesis’.

Armors have a show coming up at Constellation Room in Santa Ana on December 3rd, presented by WFNM and KROQ Locals Only! They will be accompanied by Billie Eilish and Groves. Doors are at 7pm, and the show starts at 8. Don’t forget to get your tickets early right here


Brittany Zins
Content Specialist

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