Arms Akimbo – Devil

Los Angeles four-piece Arms Akimbo has definitely proved their talent as upbeat rockers, with catchy hooks and a knack for balancing their infections guitar riffs with anthemic lyrics.

But in the band’s newest release, “Devil,” Arms Akimbo show us how versatile their music really is, by stripping all that production away and giving the listener boldface honesty. The simplicity of the guitar melody provides a necessary backdrop to lyrics that both point out and admit to participating in a common problem in today’s culture. In their own words: “‘Devil’ is about our love/hate relationship with Los Angeles and a sarcastic observation on how easy it is to get jaded about the faux-celebrity Instagram culture that is all over the city. We’re taking a jab at social media obsession for painting a false picture of the way things are — and we’re taking a jab at ourselves for choosing to take part in it all.”

Listen to the premiere of Arms Akimbo “Devil” below!

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