Arms Akimbo – Miscommunication

Arms Akimbo are brothers from different mothers. The sort of chemistry they have together, in and off the stage, can only be found in families. Their energetic and hypnotizing performance catches the eyes of the crowd and with solid melodies and catchy beats they capture them and make them immediate fans. Their latest single “Miscommunication” is Indie Rock with Pop sensibilities at its best.

“We’ve been sitting on this guy for a while. It’s one of our first co-written songs. Lyrically it touches on themes of communication breakdown – the tension between characters who can’t make a connection. Chris and I both sing on it and play the roles of two different emotional levels. That’s fun of it for me. Chris’s verses work through the conversation and the smooth drive of the song. When his character can’t connect I come in with the sort of clashy chorus. It’s like a story and we get to be Jekyll and Hyde,” says Peter.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for these guys. Be sure to follow them in their socials.

Grant Owens
Main Administrator

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