BAD Go Out Of This World In New Single “Jupiter”

NYC based BAD are a disco funk pop dream duo. BAD is known for their high energy, fun anthems full of glittery synths, driving bass and honey-dipped vocals.  Their latest unveiling is the otherworldly “Jupiter”.  The track is all about escapism and in this case, partying with aliens in outer space. Julia of BAD confides, “It’s no secret living on Earth has been wild over the past year or so. “Jupiter” is an escape to another world. Let’s turn the sun into a disco ball and throw a party with our extraterrestrial friends in outer space.”

 The two have cultivated a dedicated following of fans who love their tongue and cheek lyrics, colorful melodies and up-beat bangers.  With more music promised to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this up-and-coming duo.

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Grant Owens

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