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‘Bad’ Things to Do When You’re AVATARI

Emerging from a tumultuous death spiral of vices, AVATARI presents himself as a force to be reckoned with in the indie rock landscape, embracing a grand quest to uplift the genre while drawing listeners into a cathartic exploration of self. He has forged a singular sound that blends anthemic alt-rock with raw, soulful personal narratives to find inspiration.

Channeling the spirit of iconic rock frontmen like Jagger and Bowie, AVATARI is not content with merely standing on the shoulders of giants, carving his own path in a music scene crying out for charismatic figures to pick up the crown. His music, like the rising phoenix that symbolizes his mission, emerges from the ashes, urging us to confront our fears and embrace our own potential for growth. AVATARI’s challenge is an invitation to let go, shed our inhibitions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the only map is the one we create for ourselves.

AVATARI’s latest offering “Bad Things With You” touches upon some of this turmoil as he sheds the shackles of spiritual abstraction, delving into the raw, unfiltered realm of carnal desire. Where his previous works channeled unity and empowerment, this track revels in the primal impulses that lurk beneath the surface, inviting listeners to relinquish their inhibitions and boldly plunge into what their hearts desire.

“Bad Things With You” comes bundled with a vibrant and cool lyrics video for your viewing pleasure:

The song leans heavily on its infectious and borderline disco beat while the narrative unfolds like a cinematic vignette, capturing the electric tension of a chance encounter amidst the hazy confines of a dimly lit bar. It poses a tantalizing question – what if we could cast aside our reservations and unleash our most unrestrained selves, even if just for a fleeting moment?

Beneath the veneer of lust and physical intimacy, this song is a provocative exploration of the human condition, challenging us to peel back the layers of social conditioning and tap into the liberation that lies in unapologetic self-expression. It is a bold invitation to shed our skin, to think, say, and do exactly as we wish, if only for the duration of a song.


Photography by Anna Azarov