Barrett Crake – You Got Me Like [Music Video]

Electronic pop artist Barrett Crake released the official music video for his new single, “You Got Me Like”.

This danceable electropop track is a bittersweet anthem about listening to the devil on your shoulder for a moment of pleasure, knowing the angel on the other shoulder was probably right all along. “You Got Me Like” represents pain, growth, nostalgia, and joy all at once. It encapsulates the feeling of being stuck in the tangle created by making impulsive decisions, albeit fun experiences in the moment, but comes with its consequences. Looking back, Crake loves singing about these experiences after learning and growing from them.

When Crake wrote the chorus, he felt it melodically encapsulated major angst, excitement and indecision all at once perfectly – expressing that feeling you have when you don’t know what to do, but decide to do the supposedly “wrong” and rebellious thing anyway.

Watch the awe inspiring music video for “You Got Me Like” here: 

Electronic pop artist, Barrett Crake, is a testament to what the modern artist can accomplish if they are willing to put in the work. By making use of the Internet and remote studios, he’s developed a network of collaborators all over the world without the help of a label or manager. Through digital means, Crake has developed meaningful creative partnerships – such as those with producers Nick Ribbens in Amsterdam and Mauve in Berlin.

Through his intimate approach to songwriting, Barrett has attracted an enthusiastic fan base that finds his music both relatable and as a source of inspiration. He seeks catharsis through self-reflection in his art and each song is designed to convey that sense of healing to his fans. I’m excited to call myself a fan and excited to hear more from this eclectic and exciting artist!

Chandler Juliet