Ben Schuller – Be Somebody Else

In today’s world, we have very limited contact with others. As much as we can try to keep in touch on social media, the negative impact it has on our psyches’ and not to mention our self esteem is quite possibly outweighing the feeling of connection. Ben Schuller, singer/songwriter and producer perfectly captures these moods of our generation in his new single, “Be Somebody Else” off his forthcoming album, “New Roaring 20s”.

“Be Somebody Else” delivers the relatable sentiment of not feeling like you’ll ever be good enough compared to your peers on social media, which is ever prevalent since social media seems like the only way we feel connected to the outside world these days.

In a brilliant extension of his previous tongue-in-cheek track, “Engagement Party”, Ben takes a deeper dive into the Internet’s effect on our psyche.

In, “Be Somebody Else”, Ben finds himself in a dark place, dwelling on what he would change about a life he feels didn’t turn out the way he wanted. Right from the start, the lyrics pain a gloomy picture of self-doubt. In a world where our self-perception is influenced by what we see of others online, would we hold a higher appreciation of our smaller victories if we weren’t exposed to a scrolling sea of life highlights from friends and acquaintances? 

Here’s what Ben had to say about his latest release:

“It’s so easy to compare ourselves to everyone else’s ‘highlight reels’ on social media. It’s a destructive habit but an impossible one not to fall into from time to time. I had a ‘rock bottom’ moment and writing this track turned into a form of therapy. It was the song that sparked the whole album.”

– Ben Schuller

I’m so excited to learn about Ben Schuller and his emotionally intelligent approach to songwriting and tackling a very real topic facing our generation during such a chaotic time in the world and in history, and can’t wait to hear what he has next for us!

Chandler Juliet