Bianca Jade – Everything I’ve Got (Music Video)

Buzzing R&B artist Bianca Jade is back with the official visual to her recent hit “Everything I’ve Got”. Staying true to her influences, her video kicks off in a vintage jazz club with Bianca behind the mic. Giving the camera everything she’s got, Bianca introduces the soulful chorus before transitioning to shots of her singing in front of the Brooklyn skyline. Diamond studded in a power suit inspired by Jazmine Sullivan’s superbowl outfit, her empowering choices signify that Bianca is ready to keep singing in spite of any obstacles the industry throws her way.

Through watching the video, we’re introduced to a scene with many mirrors; playing a key role in overcoming self-doubt, the mirrors are meant to symbolize the importance of self-reflection. The inspiring message behind “Everything I’ve Got” aims to motivate other artists as well as herself, to keep the faith and to trust in the process.

Bianca introduces a modern approach to classically beloved R&B sounds. Her fresh take and soaring vocals pair seamlessly with the celebratory mood behind “Everything I’ve Got”’s motivational message. Written while living in NYC, Bianca wears many hats and this song uniquely confronts the several challenges she faces as an independent artist. Understanding that sometimes we tend to get in our own way, she hopes that “Everything I’ve Got” will help others overcome certain thought processes that leave them stuck or creatively stifled.

The uplifting and hopeful tone proves inspirational as Bianca pours her heart into her platform, reaching out to listeners all across the globe. Later, in the bridge, we are introduced to a scene where she’s covered in gold paint. This is meant to signify her understanding of her worth and all that she knows she will accomplish during her illustrious music career.

Chandler Juliet