Billie Eilish: Ocean Eyes

Okay so, what were you doing when you were thirteen years old? Hold that thought. Billie Eilish. Thirteen year old singer/songwriter has released three tracks, and after one listen of Ocean Eyes: captured. I’m in total awe of the fact this girl’s songwriting is on another level for her age. I think this is the one to watch in 2016 for sure.
Based in LA, Billie has written something that’s captured emotions a 13 year old shouldn’t have, but has done so with such finesse and gratitude; I’m overly impressed.

I cannot wait to hear the next work from this fine young lady.

Don’t miss the radio debut of her latest single, ‘Ocean Eyes’ on podcast 122 of WE FOUND NEW MUSIC

Billie Eilish on Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Grant Owens
Main Administrator

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