Billie Eilish: Six Feet Under

There have been difficult days – today being one of them. My native United Kingdom homeland, once a paradise, leaving the EU for good. The heartbreak, the tears and blood shed, life…
So I turn on the radio and what do I hear on Zane’s BEATS1 show, premiering?
14 year old Billie Eilish, (who’s wondrous and fantastic debut single, Ocean Eyes, which was successfully remixed by Astronomyy and one of my most listened to tracks so far this year) and her new single Six Feet Under.

As far as songwriting goes, it’s fantastic. I love the movement in the chorus, the feeling and sense of truth in the chord progressions. Billie’s voice to me should be louder. It’s a wonderful asset.

You should check this out now, if you’re into the next generation of superstars because Billie is on the road to the top. No concerns whatsoever.

Also on Soundcloud here

Josh Christopher
Berlin/Brighton based Josh Christopher. In a pop duo called IYES, and run label/creative hotel Love by Mistake. First job as a writer. Loves Watermelon / Hates seeds in fruits...
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