birthday Interview + EP preview

birthday is back with us, this time for a filmed interview. He played for us his exciting new single, ‘Parade’ and discussed his new EP, ‘Subtle Love’, that is set to drop this week. ‘Parade’ has an upbeat almost Springsteen-y melody to it mixed with synths and a great back beat that help drive the song forward. This will be birthday’s first official EP release since his big move to Los Angeles from Oakland earlier this year. He is a young and incredibly talented artist with a knack for writing touching lyrics with catchy melodies. We have a lot of love for birthday here at WFNM and can’t wait for the rest of the world to see what we already know!

Watch our in depth interview here

Check out an early stream of his new EP, ‘Subtle Love’ before it’s out on Friday!

Brittany Zins
Content Specialist

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