BJOERN – “Hold Me” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Swedish left-of-center pop artist, BJOERN masterfully blends heart wrenching honesty with the alchemic properties of sound in her second single to date “Hold Me.” Consummating in a bewitching ode, acknowledging fear and loneliness through the lens of self-strength, BJOERN reminds her audience of the potency of unrestrained self-love.

Without further ado, we are thrilled to share four reasons why we are feeling BJOERN’s “Hold Me.”

1. From the very first utterance, BJOERN wastes no time in gripping her audience’s ears and heartstrings. By filtering her vocals through a vocoder, her words are engrossed by ominous sonic layers as she sings “Poison / Can’t live without you / Hopeless / Trying to replace ya…”

2. How the guitar-plucked counter melody and sung principal melody in the pre, whimsically interact with each other. The first occurrence being at 0:32, the change in cadence resets and adjusts the movement of the song, while the melodies give forth blithesome feelings; gracefully moving the listener to the next chapter in this triumphant story.

3. Martin Wave’s intriguing assortment of incorporated sounds. From hard hitting percussion to tantalizing electric synths, Wave’s production is both versatile yet conceptually amalgamating.

4. BJOERN’s impressive array of vocal tones presented. From her soft, gentle musings at the start of track all the way to the final 30 seconds, during which she reels and wails with blazing passion.

Listen to “Hold Me” in all its majestic glory below & be on the look for more BJOERN in the very near future.

Jessica Thomas