Blake Rose – Lady

The first time I heard Blake Rose’s debut single, Hotel Room, my reaction about 30 seconds in was “who is thiiiiiis??” Kinda like the first time I heard Billie Eilish… or Rush.

Lady is the third single out this year from the Aussie born singer-songwriter. Rose learned to play the didgeridoo at age five (I previously assumed that all Australians were just born knowing how to play the didgeridoo) and let me the first to highlight that the didgeridoo is HIGHLY underutilized in his music. Blake Rose, I have a fever and the only prescription is more didgeridoo.

Rose’s music is intelligent alt-pop with crooner-like vocals and vivid lyrical imagery. It feels cinematic without being overwrought. The lush production, some of which Rose does himself, is partly why Lady sounds so big. I could see this track used in a Netflix show about angsty teens, who all dress like I wish I could in 1997, dealing with some issue like suicide, addiction or Feline HIV, in small town America. This song would play during the moment where the “will they or wont they?” couple finally kisses for the first time…while they sit on the roof (outside their FABULOUSLY decorated, spacious bedrooms) looking at the stars.

In the first verse, Rose sings “And you’re probably moving on, While I’m writing this song, In a hotel bed of roses, With someone else in your arms.” Based on this and his prior track, Hotel Room, I can only conclude that something TERRIBLE must have happened to Rose in a hotel room. Who hurt you, Blake Rose?? Like which hotel? I would be happy to orchestrate a wide reaching and damaging Yelp campaign. Lemme know.

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Kate Bent