Bliss n Eso: Dopamine ft. Thief

Australia seems to be taking over the music scene like no other. “Dopamine” is Bliss n Eso’s first single in three years.

Thief introduces the hip-hop track with a strong vocal, that channels Chris Martin, over a simple, yet powerful piano-driven instrumental. The rap lyrics in the verses are highlighted in a perfect hip-hop fashion: a tense and subtle riff with a driving beat. What pleases me is that Dopamine’s underlying track doesn’t outshine the song itself; it’s a song that can stand on its own. The melody and lyrics are front and center which is something that has been fading away recently. This song is real.

If “Dopamine” is telling of how their album will be, then it’s special enough to wait patiently for… their sixth studio album is due for 2017.

Drew Phomvongsa
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