Blisshouse. deals with uncertainty in “All Night”

Blisshouse. is the genre-defying musical alias of singer/songwriter and producer Sam Smisek. His latest unveiling is the expressive and hard-hitting indie rock single “All Night”.

“All Night” is an introspective and autobiographical song all about dealing with mental health issues that result from a change in someone’s life. From doubt, depression and second guessing, being in a dark place can sometimes be hard to get out of. He confides, the song came about “after a couple pretty notable changes in my life. I moved back to my mom’s house in my hometown after living in Seattle for two years, along with parting ways with someone who I had been in a long term relationship with, and grew a lot with. At first, this new reality felt fresh and the familiarity of being home was comforting. Soon enough, though, the all too familiar feelings of doubt, restlessness and depressionstarted to set in.” With layered production featuring elements of electronic pop and distorted vocals singing heightened catchy melodies, “All Night” is a must add for any indie playlist. 

Blisshouse. is not only a prolific singer and songwriter but also a home grown producer. Teaching himself how to produce in his studio apartment, the artist has a knack for combining experimental and familiar sounds for a decadent sonic fusion.  With more music to come, Blisshouse. is getting us excited for the future of alternative rock. 

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