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blondestandard shares the incredibly fun bop “FREAKIN OUT”

blondestandard is the project of musical mastermind and songwriting genius Caroline Grace Vein. Her latest single “FREAKIN OUT” follows her single releases “BLUE EYES” and “California Dreams” shared in 2022.

“FREAKIN OUT” is a rollercoaster of sonic energy that grabs listeners from the first beat and refuses to let go. This track is a fusion of electrifying vocals and pulsating rhythms, creating a mesmerizing listening experience. blondestandard captivates us all with her irresistible charm and honest lyrics detailing her own experience in a hot and cold relationship with a fellow musician. “FREAKIN OUT” is a bold statement from the Los Angeles based artist, showcasing her talent and creativity in full force. It’s a must-listen for anyone craving a musical thrill ride.

blondestandard takes influence from the likes of Mark Ronson, Blondie, and Gwen Stefani among others. The songwriter uses her music as a form of catharsis, channeling her emotions and hardships into relatable and important art. Listen to “FREAKIN OUT” and follow blondestandard on socials to keep up to date with all her upcoming releases.