Bonnie Dymond – #nofilter [EP]

Bonnie Dymond is a breath of fresh folk-pop air. Her new EP “#nofilter” that was released today, delivers exactly what the title promises, 6 soulful and honest songs, and well-told stories.

She delivers soulful crisp vocals and exquisite storytelling ability. Fans of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, James Arthur will eat this EP right up – she has the lyrical goods, the pipes to back it up, and stories to tell, and bares it all in her new EP, “No Filter” that you should absolutely listen to.

Bonnie Dymond, who solely wrote all of the songs, also produced and engineered the EP, constructing a sonic evolution as she takes the listener on an emotional journey through the phases of love and relationships. I love artists that are self sufficient and you can definitely hear the soul in these creations. #nofilter consists of a nice batch of 6 sunny guitar-based pop tunes with upbeat, bubbly electronic pop production, bits of folk/country and UK vibes, and it is my pleasure to review it today here on WFNM!

Repetitive” introduces the EP, and the story of those new relationship feels and getting so excited about someone that you can’t stop telling them. You immediately catch the vibe of Dymond and understand what a storyteller she truly is.

Then starts, “Still in Love”, a ballad with even more soul-baring lyricism.

More than a Mistake” is probably my favorite song on the EP, which I discovered within seconds of this one popping on – maybe because of the electric guitar base and the sing-rap verses reminding me of Ed Sheeran and some other female LA pop/r&b artists!! I am falling in love with this artists’ voice and I really vibe with the soft and subtle production on this one.

Our History” took me til the end of the song to decide that this song is a straight up BOP. Reminds me a bit of Taylor Swift, with very specific lyrics in this one. Bonnie definitely has the goods when it comes to songwriting. This one is real sunny and upbeat with super catchy electronic elements.

To Be Loved” – I can be a judgey a musician (raised by judge-y jazz musicians to make matters worse), so when this song started I was a tiny bit bummed that it was in the same key as the song before it, BUT I QUICKLY fell for this song, it reminds me a LOT of Ed Sheeran’s swingy-er stuff, like “Thinking Out Loud” – it’s been a while since I’ve heard a waltz in pop, or one with such a nice violin solo. I love the varied instruments she uses throughout this EP to balance the pop production between the organic elements and real instruments.

I’m seriously impressed by this woman!!! She closes the EP out with a piano-ballad about societies’ hypocritical expectations (which we all can relate to) called, “Where Do You Go?” which she apparently performed in one-take, self recorded at 6 am, the day after a 13-hour studio day. Impressive.

Bonnie always says first and foremost she’s a songwriter and storyteller and has proven so with her latest songwriting success, co-writing with former Van Halen member and rock legend Sammy Hagar’s son, Andrew Hagar on his latest single “Judgement Day.” Bonnie will be involved with every song on his upcoming EP and future singles. Similarly, Bonnie has had a few great syncs in US ad campaigns that will be airing throughout the coming year. Bonnie is perhaps your next exciting music discovery of 2020.

She truly shines in this EP, and definitely gained a new fan, and hopefully a few more after this article gets published 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else Bonnie Dymond has for us in the future!

Chandler Juliet