Bronze Whale – “The Shape of Things” (LP)

Austin-based indie-electronic duo, Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley of Bronze Whale are bringing their self-coined “sexy whale noises” and “computer sounds” to some next level genius in first ever LP, The Shape of Things (April 2). With keen attention spent on the incorporation of a wide array of genres and sung melodies, the LP is a stunning testament to the duo’s dedication to persistent growth and creative evolution.

Jacques and Alley initially introduced their singing voices in the first single off the LP, “Warm” followed by “Patterns” and “One,” representing a gradual progression to The Shape of Things, which features their voices on nearly every track. Beyond the incorporation of their voices, the LP is a sonic treat for music lovers across tastes. For the strictly electronic, take a listen to the glistening synths and crisp, pulsating beats of “Cruising.” Electronic-infused hip hop or R&B vibes? “Burn Me” featuring Khai is the tune for you. Craving some savory-sweet, dance-inducing pop? Skip over to the final track “I Really,” featuring Gioto and feel the gyrating musical hypnosis first hand.

Don’t take my word for it, take a listen to The Shape of Things in full and prepare yourself to transcend into the ethereal plane where Bronze Whale comfortably resides.

Jessica Thomas