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Broods: Free

Broods, New Zealand-based brother and sister duo, officially released the audio for “Free” today, the lead single off of their forthcoming second album. The video, released yesterday, showcases the siblings in an edgier, darker light. Clips of Georgia (vocalist) veraciously glaring and singing into the camera with her newly bleached hair are contrasted with a plot line of her being forced into some type of VR-world by her antithetical brother Caleb and his female sidekick, all-clad in shimmering attire. The video is set in a world of desolation overrun by technology, reminiscent of the worlds created by movies such as The Matrix or Equilibrium.

“Free” has that hint of “Swedish Electropop” to it. Swedish Electropop has slightly darker tonalities while maintaining those big pop hooks, which you can find in the music of Robyn or even in Ellie Goulding’s latest album DeliriumBroods teamed up with Joel Little again for this release, who produced their last EP and who is also the genius producer behind Lorde, as well as Jarryd James, Ellie Goulding, Elliphant, Sam Smith, etc.

I recommend watching the video first. Peep it below.




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