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Brother Valiant shares folk pop reverie “C’est La Vie”

New York musical mastermind Brother Valiant has just shared his latest single via record label Little Planet Music. The song is called “C’est La Vie” and it is the first track of his in nearly three years and it does not disappoint.


“C’est La Vie” means “that is life” in English and this meaning resonates with people around the world. Brother Valiant uses this phrase to describe how difficult it is to change the quarks and habits we have, specifically for another person. He confides, “Mostly, I found it overwhelming to the point where I’d fall back into old habits and behaviors. The premise of the song is accepting that deep down, to an extent, we are always going to have certain qualities and quirks that we cannot change about ourselves. However, despite faltering when trying to change certain negative aspects, I believe expressing feelings of love, compassion, and acceptance through action is still paramount on the journey towards being a good person.” The song is a whirlwind of evocative sonics with his vocals and melodies taking center stage. His distinctive style of fusing folk, rock, pop and soul with thoughtful arrangements further catapultes him as an artist to watch.

Brother Valiant is led by singer-songwriter and lyrical craftsman AJ Amsterdam. The artist is influenced by the likes of Paul Simon and Connor Oberst. For nearly a decade he has been crafting important and anthemic folk-dipped indie pop songs.