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Cal in Red unleashes a glowing six-track EP On The Dance Floor

Dynamic indie-pop duo Cal in Red creates a warm and vibrant EP On The Dance Floor. The offering examines relatable themes of anxiety, togetherness and ambition. The songs possess a radiant, retro vibe while also remaining current and fresh. 

The EP opener “Corvette” sweeps us up in its gentle vocals and glistening synths. The track details finding the balance between healthy goals and toxic fixations. The title pays homage to their grandfather’s 1975 Stingray Corvette. The video displays an inviting nostalgia, prominently featuring the car. That vintage flair paired with the twosome’s effortless charisma makes for a captivating viewing experience. “Replay (Lounge)” also emits an old-school feel. With 80s-esque soundscapes and effervescent vocals, the misty tune is the perfect escape. Concluding with “Can I Call You Tonight/ Quarterback”, the song is a relaxing and serene end to the bright body of work.

The pop-rock project consists of brothers Connor and Kendall Wright. Hailing from Grand Rapids Michigan, the band was named after their younger sibling Cal who had an obsession with red t-shirts. They are known for concocting music that shines with melancholic sentimentality. This EP is no different.