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Camille Schmidt’s single “Your Game” is the indie song of the summer

Brooklyn based musician and singer-songwriter Camille Schmidt has unveiled her debut EP ‘Good Person’. The six-song folk/rock release has catapulted the artist into early success with listeners in awe of her storytelling narratives wrapped up in immersive and textured musical soundscapes.


The highlight and focus track off of the EP is the single “Your Game”. The song unfolds with a sense of intimacy with Camille’s velvety vocals luring the listener in. The track was written after the artist drove a girl home she had a crush on. Feeling like an uber to her and her friends, the single details her frustrations on her own complicity in events such as these. She shares, “I’ve found throughout my life how easy it is for me to express sadness but how hard it is to express anger. And I find it funny that this song that’s actually a deeply angry song has such a happy upbeat feel to it. It really resonates with the space I was in. This was the only way I could express my anger; while sort of ~smiling~ at the same time as being angry.” “Your Game” features melodic acoustic guitars, a vulnerable vocal performance coupled with a playful rhythm section.

Camille Schmidt teamed up with renowned producer Phil Weinrobe who has collaborated with the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Tomberlin, and Florist, among others. The artist and her band didn’t rehearse before recording and the music feels very in the moment and spontaneous, giving listeners a unique and enveloping listen. With more to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next!