Carly and the Universe – Salvation (Music Video)

R&B-infused pop band Carly and the Universe released the official music video for their second single of 2021, “Salvation”

“Salvation” is about finding the silver linings and your happy place amidst the ups and downs of life. At the core, the song is about wanting to escape reality, but when you do, it might not always be what you were expecting and might even make you a little crazy.

The visual component for “Salvation” offers a strong complementary narrative to the song, with the music video being shot in an OB-GYN office… Taking a comical approach, the shoot was nothing less than fun and even pays homage to Carly’s parents with the chaotic birthing scene and butt “shot”. Not to mention, the band took their roles very seriously by fully dressing in surgical gowns.

Check out the hilarious music video for “Salvation” HERE:

I envision ‘Salvation’ being a place where you can find your inner peace. It’s like being surrounded by plants in a lush wilderness, or laying in a nice, cozy hammock in the middle of the jungle – or wherever else you might prefer. In essence, your ‘Salvation’ should simply be your ultimate safe place!

-Carly and the Universe

We love Carly and her random silly Universe, and always looking forward to what she has next for us!

Chandler Juliet