Carly and the Universe – Sunset (Music Video)

R&B-infused pop artist Carly and the Universe released the official music video for their new single, “Sunset”. Lead vocalist Carly Liza wrote the lyrics and melody with the band, while the song was produced by Mike Post, the guitarist.

A little bit sassy and a little bit vulnerable, “Sunset” is about that summer fling. Summer 2021 should hopefully be a hot girl summer, but alas, here we are with a global pandemic. Hopefully this gives you that summer nostalgia and you can shake your booties safely at home!

Check out the fun and stunning visual for “Sunset” HERE:

“Sunset” was shot on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a mountainous area in the middle of nowhere on a crazy day, as it was 100 degrees with no access to any facilities. The band was lucky they didn’t change the date of the shoot because a massive forest fire happened the next day, and the location where they shot all burned down – including the painting featured in the music video, which was painted by Carly herself.

“The sunset painting is about seeing the world in color and seeing the world as fun and beautiful. I think the times when we stop and  appreciate life the most, is when we are watching a sunset. I hope that with my painting – whatever time of day it is, whenever you look at it – you’re reminded of your gratitude and appreciation for the world around us. This painting is 12ft long and 6ft tall diptych, so it’s meant to smack you in the face with joy. ☺️

– Carly and the Univserse

Welcome to the whimsical world of Carly and the Universe, an R&B and soul pop band inviting us into their world in their new EP titled First Contact. Lyrical themes always come down to matters of the mind from relationships to memories and, of course, life lessons.

I’m so inspired by this fun and free band preaching positivity in this much needed time, and I’m so excited to hear what’s next from this talented, life-loving group!

Chandler Juliet