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casey tutton


Casey Tutton is just releasing her debut single, ‘Arrows,’. Casey is a singer/songwriter that has grown up surrounded by music and with the blessing of having in her two brothers the greatest support to write and produce her songs, as they are also artists and therefore her most faithful collaborators.
‘Arrows’ is a song loaded with a deep sense of longing and nostalgia, both musically and lyrically, evoking THAT lack of reciprocity in sentimental relationships, whatever the kind.

One of the things that makes this song so special is the fact that it has very little presence of instruments throughout. Aside from the vocals, the highlight is the sound of a lonesome guitar aiding in the austere and somewhat sullen feelings of despair that the artist wants to transmit throughout the brief 3 minutes and 41 seconds that the song lasts. The musical atmosphere of the piece would be the perfect track for a movie scene in which the protagonists say their last goodbyes.

Casey’s childhood was a cacophony of guitar, piano, and various voices and loud instruments, often all at once. She was born in Evanston, Illinois and raised in Shorewood, where she was trained in classical voice and sang in a madrigal choir that performed internationally. Casey got her start by acting in theatre, opera, multiple films, and television, most notably Chicago Med (NBC) and Proven Innocent (FOX). There’s no doubt that with music, she creates an emotional arc making each song feel like a short story.

In Casey’s words ‘Arrows’ is about “how we romanticize the people we like, how our minds trick us into seeing them as perfect, or if not perfect, then somehow noble in their imperfections, and how unreliable that can be”.

Once again, her older brother Ryan Tutton was the producer and who accompanied her during the process of writing the lyrics was her good friend Zach Palmer. The song came from a personal experience of hers. “When I was writing it, it all felt raw and painful and true, but with some space, I notice how the chorus lyrics have these heightened metaphors”, she said.

Over the next few months, Casey will be releasing at least two more of her songs that are also collaborations with friends and family, leading up to an eventual EP.