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Casii Stephan’s “Wine & Gold” celebrates all the love

Tulsa based singer-songwriter and musician extraordinaire Casii Stephan has just shared the latest single off of her forthcoming EP. The song is called “Wine & Gold” and it is a soulful love song that is deeply heartfelt and irresistible.

“Wine & Gold” details the timeless narrative of falling hard for someone. True love and being fully enamored are at the center of the song and this relatable theme shows no boundaries. Casii sings deeply penetrating vocals full of soul. On “Wine & Gold”, the artist has done a fantastic job surrounding herself with top musicians who really bring the song to life. Groovy guitars, blazing horns and nostalgic keys are standouts in this nostalgic retro sounding soul jam. The listener can’t help but sing loudly and dance to the song.

Casii Stephan has a vast range of influences and she has performed and written in numerous genres. With her upcoming EP, the songwriter has collaborated with Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes, St. Paul and the Broken Bones). She aims to push back on negative societal norms including racism, sexism and ageism. Take a listen to “Wine & Gold” and follow Casii on her instagram for more updates.