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Ceara Cavalieri shows love for her bff in “That’s My Bitch”

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement from the ones we love. Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and pop rock goddess Ceara Cavalieri has detailed this theme in her just recently released single “That’s My Bitch”. The artist who began sharing music in 2019, is known for her charismatic and authentic artistry and her infectious musical releases.

“That’s My Bitch” is a heartfelt friendship anthem reminding the ones we hold dear that they are better than a toxic situation. She tells her friend that she should not settle for less and her ex is pathetic and doesn’t deserve her. This boost of confidence is much needed and Ceara shows all of us how to be there for the ones we care about. The song also is a banger, as the artist knows how to write the perfect pop rock anthem. With vivacious vocals and an irresistible hook, Ceara takes the listener to new places musically. Steady upbeat drums and hyped up guitars set the stage for one of the catchiest choruses we have heard this year.

Ceara Cavalieri is currently touring Europe with another WFNM favorite Leah Kate. With a dynamic invigorating performance and ability to touch listeners across the globe, Ceara Cavalieri is truly a special artist to watch.