Cecily – Thinking Bout Me (Music Video)

Thinking Bout Me, the debut single from singer-songwriter Cecily, begins like Julia Michael’s Issues except more interesting and intelligent. It has a catchy pop melody with haunting vocals. I was surprised to learn that Cecily is based in New Zealand because her voice has a Nordic quality to it that is reminiscent of someone like Sigrid. She has relatable lyrics that speak to the isolation and disaffection that so many young women feel today’s social media obsessed world.

I also highly identified with her lyrics abut spending New Years Eve alone. I’m a floral designer on the Rose Parade so by midnight I’m usually passed out because I’m exhausted from working 18-20 hour days the entire preceding week. While logically I know that Cecily wrote this song in 2017 while alone in her room “wallowing in self-pity,” and not about exhausted float builders but hey, a girl can dream. From what I’ve gathered merely hearing about NYE parties, we didn’t miss much, Cecily.

Cecily is like an intergalactic Taylor Swift with deeply personal lyrics, a catchy melody and a celestial voice that contains an edge that Swift can’t seem to grasp. The song sounds big from the beginning before veering into a section where she samples Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… like a boss. This debut single from Cecily has me “pre-anticipating” more music from her.

Kate Bent