Chandler Juliet – “Love Language” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Hollywood’s favorite singing sweetheart, Chandler Juliet, is switching things up with latest single “Love Language.” Her grooviest to date, the jumpsuit clad, wavy-haired songstress, continues to prove her versatility and ongoing growth as an artist. Thus we are pumped to share four reasons why we are feeling Chandler Juliet’s “Love Language.”

1. The collective energy of the song, sassy and vivacious, Chandler Juliet is softly enticing with a spunky kick.

2. How she plays with funk-based rhythm and sonorities, infusing them with pop melodies, giving the listener a multifaceted experience.

3. David Burris’ crisp and dynamic production. Incorporating ear bending sonics and effects, the verses are buoyantly energetic but subtle, exploding in the chorus with synth-induced pizzazz.

4. The artist’s clever marketing strategies and DIY approach to her career. Taking matters into her own hands, she took on the streets of her city, asking locals their opinion on “Love Language.” Watch the video HERE!

Jessica Thomas