Chandler Juliet – Worship

Budding soul-pop artist Chandler Juliet unleashes commanding new single Worship off her forthcoming EP, Language of Love. Following the massive organic success of leading single Love Language, which landed on 18 different countries’ New Music Friday playlists and a handful of other Spotify Editorials on release day, Worship is a powerful follow up single that showcases a fierce, empowered side of the Los Angeles native.

Continuing the classic love story in the EP, Worship serves a moment where the cat and mouse game comes to a halt, and the power struggle subsides, and Chandler Juliet demands to be respected in the way she sees fit.

Worship is a sexy, dynamic and bold dark-pop track oozing with dominatrix vibes or something you’d see out of a trailer for fifty shades of grey. Chandler shares a different side to herself from her usual bubbly personality, and shares this character and single just in time for Halloween. 

In her forthcoming EP, Chandler explores a new evolved version of her sound and artistry since “elements”, and the overarching theme of a classic love story. She shares this about Worship: 

“I loved playing around with this side of myself and this character. I am a fierce woman, especially when I want to be, and it’s a rarity to meet those who not only recognize it, but respect it wholeheartedly. I wrote this to remind myself how empowered I felt, and to implore women to step into their innate power that’s already within them — the duality of femininity and inner strength is present in every woman and is a divine right.“

Chandler is all about love, positivity and community, and is an avid supporter of the pop and independent artist scene in Los Angeles where she was born and raised. Language of Love EP is due out in February 2022. Until then, we’ll let the music speak for itself. We admit, we too love to worship Chandler Juliet. 

Chandler Juliet