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Charm of Finches release lush indie folk album Wonderful Oblivion

Australian baroque pop meets indie folk sister duo Charm of Finches have just released their highly anticipated third full-length album. Entitled Wonderful Oblivion, the eleven track album explores themes such as grief, love and relationships, as well as navigating mental health struggles. 

The leading single, “Pockets Of Stones”, is all about intimacy in its deepest form, and the ability to open up to someone completely about the good, bad and ugly in yourself. The duo confides, “Whether this is about body insecurity or admitting the silly little things that cause you pain. It’s very frightening to be honest to yourself and others sometimes but in the end it feels so liberating.” Featuring warm and seamless vocal harmonies over cinematic folk soundscapes, “Pockets Of Stones” is a cathartic anthem of heroic vulnerability.  

On “Treading Water”, Charm of Finches detail the difficulties that can be found in transitioning a romantic relationship to a friendship. With delicate noir-dipped landscapes full of lush string arrangements and a compelling melody line, “Treading Water” is a poignant and captivating song. 

“Concentrate On Breathing” glows with an Americana-infused influence complete with chugging acoustic guitars and echoing otherworldly vocals. The song details how important living in the moment and meditation can be for mental health.  The duo reminds us of how simple focus and letting go can transform our daily lives.

Wonderful Oblivion is a triumphant indie folk effort – nostalgic yet fresh, haunting, but at the same time serene.