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Chase Bell’s Anthem to Authenticity

Chase Bell’s Anthem to Authenticity

To find. To meet. To master; these are all quests of the self. Many live their entire lives without finding out who they truly are, and with constant sea of noise that modernity submerged us in, it may have gotten easier to get lost in something that has nothing to do with who we are at our core.

Chase Bell is an L.A-Based Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Music Producer who has worked with artists from across the globe, even having his talents enlisted by Hollywood, where you can hear his work across shows and films such as Lucifer, Shameless and many more.

Armed only with his guitar and his voice, Bell presents himself “as is” with a bold and earnest proclamation of individuality in his newest release “Be Myself”, and it is about as perfect as it can get. The song features potent singer-songwriter simplicity that lays somewhere between really old blues and folk with a modern, catchy-as-hell melodic pop structure.

“Be Myself” has been undergoing revisions and rewrites for about 4 years before its 2022 release date, something that Bell attributes to his own Perfectionism (and how he struggles with it). As you can easily tell, the song speaks about the process behind discovering yourself, and your role in society and how to best understand your own self-expression.

The music video presents us with a vision of Chase Bell completely on his own in a dimly lit studio where the only spotlight shines on him and his guitar. The elegant simplicity of the visuals seems to suggest that we are inside the artist’s own mind, meeting the person that he is.